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[Important] Freestyle Football's Closure Announcement

NO.206 | Date: 2017-09-14 22:04:18

 To our beloved footballers, 
Thank you for playing “Freestyle Football.”
We were very grateful to have been able to offer Freestyle Football yet again to everyone all over the world since February of this year.
Thus it is with a heavy heart that we must regretfully inform every one of the closure of “Freestyle Football.” We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who supported the game. 
Please refer to the following for details regarding future service termination.
¦ The service closure schedule is as follows:
1. September 15, 2017: Coin charging service will no longer be available 
- You can no longer purchase Coin, but the in-game store will be normally available. 
2. December 21, 2017: Server closure 
- With the game server shutdown, the official Freestyle Football website and forum will be taken offline. 
Please continue to enjoy “Freestyle Football” over the remaining time until service closure. 
Also please be reminded that there will not be any offers to refund unspent Coin upon server shut down nor will any in game currency be eligible for transfer to another game title.
We would like to thank all the players who have played freestyle football again.
- The Freestyle Football Dev Team