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[Complete Maintenance] June 21, 2017

NO.195 | Date: 2017-06-20 22:32:37

Greetings Footballers,

The maintenance for June 21 02:00 ~ 05:30 has been completed.

Maintenance Details


 DLC Package Recommendations Page

→ In the character selection window, you can see recommended products of the
DLC Packages.

→ Click on the recommended product banner to get to the store page.

* You can purchase special characters and card packages from the linked
store page.

• Bug fixes

→ Fixed the bug that does not apply even when the Challenge Count has been

→ Remove Play 100 games with clubmates


- Please note that due to a system error, it will be removed from the Challenges.

• Item Update

•11 kinds of new tops / bottoms

Water Polo Cap(M)

 Water Polo Swim Pants(M)


 Harness Cap(F)

 Harness Bikini(F)

 Harness Mule(F)
 FC BRC Set A Capsule(M,F)

 FC BRC Set B Capsule(M,F)

• 4 kinds of new card packs

→ Rank: C

→ Type

  Physical Card Pack

  Attack Card Pack

  Pass & Dribble Card Pack

  Defense Card Pack

• New Event

*Special Character Growth Event

→ If you achieve your desired special character selection and growth mission, you
will receive a variety of rewards such as B-class card packs, skill slots, and so on.

→ You can choose only one character from "Rachel (FW), Dirk (DF), Jean (MF)"
and the position cannot be changed.

→ Event Notice

- You can only join the event once (1) per account.
- The event can only be played with the special character you selected first.

> If you delete a special character in progress, you cannot proceed with the event.

- You will receive special costume of the selected special character.
- Special characters are created at Lv1.
- All missions can only be done with the selected special characters..
- You can proceed to the next level without receiving the reward for the completed
mission. However, please make sure that you will collect the mission rewards
before the end of the event.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

Thank you.

'No Control, Just Play'
-Team Freestyle Football