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May 25th Maintenance Complete

NO.187 | Date: 2017-05-25 01:31:41

Hello Footballers, 
Maintenance for May 25th at 06:00 ~ 08:30 has been completed.


Maintenance Details


      - Security System Update
            → Xigncode version update has been added to the security function.

      - Capsule Purchase System Change
            → Existing: Item Shop → Purchase capsule

     Change: Buy soccer balls with coins →Charging Watts With Soccer Ball →
                       →Purchase capsule from the capsule category in the item locker.

        *Opening capsule is only available with charged watts.

Capsule product preview

        →When you click on a capsule item, you can check the list of items that are
            configured in the capsule at the bottom.

• Item Update

     • New Top/Bottoms and items total of 13
                 Hologram Jacket(M,F)
               Hologram Leggings(M,F)

                Cherry Lovely Hair(M,F)

             S319 Blossom Shoes (M,F)

                 Rider's Cap Capsule(M,F)

                  Rider's Coat Capsule(M,F)

              Sidewinder Capsule(M,F)

• New skills, freestyles, ceremonies 2 each were added
      → New Freestyle

   1) Skill Name: Blanco Bounce
        Positions: FW,MF,DF
        Skill Effects: Stick the ball between your feet and jump back.
                                               (Double feint does not activate)
        Skill Manipulation: Shift + ←/→

     2) Skill Name: Drop Tackle
          Positions: FW,MF,DF
          Skill Effect: A tough tackle move that uses both feet.
          Skill Manipulation: A or D 

     → New Ceremonies

    1) Ceremony Name: Dragon Hit

     2) Ceremony Name: Retirement

• Set Item System

      • What is the Set Item System?
             → A system in which additional stats can be applied when all specific
                   set items are worn.

             → Set Item

    - Item Name: Rider's set
    - Detailed Item Name: Rider's coat + Rider's cap
      → Set Item effects

         - When wearing set items, 15 additional EXP can be applied.

• New Event

  • Penalty shoot-out event

→You can exchange a variety of rewards (such as points, class B cards,
event coins, etc) using the soccer ball you won during the event, and the trophy
you won through the mini-games.

     There is no limit to the exchanging of reward items.
        → Instructions for a penalty shoot-out mini game
          - The game consists of 3 stages. After each goal is scored, proceed to the
         next step and the number of trophies acquired before will be included in the
         mini game.

          Example) Win 2 trophies if you do not play mini games after winning 1 game 
                             After winning 1 game, proceed to the next step and score, you will
                             win 5 trophies

                    *If you continue to the next stage and do not score a goal in the penalty
                          shoot-out, you can only win one trophy.



We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

Thank you.

'No Control, Just Play'
-Team FreeStyle Football