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April 5th Maintenance Update is Finished

NO.168 | Date: 2017-04-04 21:09:34

Hello Footballers, this is Freestyle Football.
The Maintenance on April 5th at  02:00 ~ 04:00 has been completed.
Please check below for details of the updates.
You may launch the game and enjoy playing FreeStyle Football!
- Update Details
 - Contents Update 
   - Mileage System
    → What is Mileage System?
       > If you buy a capsule item a certain number of times, you can acquire an
          event  coin or a costume item.
       > Capsules can be purchased 10 times and players will get event coins
          depending on the capsule purchased. The coins can be obtained from the
        - Regardless of whether you acquire the item or not, the reward will be paid to
            your mailbox when you reach the specified number of times.        
        - Mileage is reset when the item is paid to the mailbox by mileage.
        - Mileage applies only to certain items (capsules).
 - Indian Game Event (04.05~05.02)

    → Event method
       1) Check the chips paid after the match.
          - 1 chip is paid after 1 game.
       2) Click the "Play" button on the event screen to check the AI card number.
       3) Bet to see if your unopened card will be higher than AI card.          
          - Winning conditions are due to the high number of my cards and AI cards.
          - Betting chip can be adjusted to "UP & Down" within the number of chips you 
       4) Click the "Play" button to see the results.
          - if you win you get 200 coins, if you tie you get 100 coins, if you lose you 
              get 1 chip.
       5) You can exchange your accumulated coins for items.
    → Notice
       1) 1 chip is paid after 1 game.
       2) The number of matches (weekdays: 10 matches / weekends: 20 matches) or
        the maximum coins per day (Weekdays: 1000 coins / weekends: 2,000 coins),
        you can use any number of Indian games.
       3) Your chips and 1-day maximum coin are reset every day at 00:00, and
        your coins are automatically accumulated.   
       4) Coins that are automatically accumulated are initialized in units of one week.
          Please exchange items with accumulated coins within 7 days after the start
          of the event.
       5) You can collect up to 1,000 coins on weekdays and up to 2,000 coins on 
          weekends. You may collect items from your coin without restriction.
 - System Update 
   -  How to set up gamepad temporary vibration options
    → Here’s how to temporarily remove the vibration caused by playing with the
      game pad.          

    → How to set temporary options
       > Go to freestyle football setup folder
         Ex) C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common
       > Find FSCOption file in installation folder and click
       > [GAME]
         PadVibration=0 ←"1" Change the number to "0" to disable it.
       > Restart the game.
         - After changing the contents of the option file, re-execute the game and the 
             changes will be applied.
 - Item Updates
  - New Top/Bottom Items 8 types
Lobster Party Capsule (M,F),

Magical Sailor Package Capsule (M,F), 
Magical Sailor Top (M,F), 

Magical Sailor Boots (M,F)
 - Club Update
  - Club Bulletin Board Created
    → Club bulletin board has been added to the Club page
       - We look forward to exchanging opinions with club members.
    → Add Club Mission
       - Club missions have been added, and you can earn rewards when you achieve 
We would like to apologize again for the inconvenience of not being able to access
the game during the maintenance.  
Thank you.
'No Control, Just Play'
Freestyle Football