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[Complete Maintenance] March 15th, 2017

NO.163 | Date: 2017-03-14 23:39:00

Greetings Footballers, 
The maintenance has been successfully completed by March 15th,
04:00 ~ 06:15 (UTC)
Please check below for details of the updates.
You may launch the game and enjoy playing FreeStyle Football!
Update Details

Special Character ' Nicky ' Update

-Recommended Position : DF
-All positions can be created. 
-You can purchase it at the item shop, and the default level is 1Lv.
-The 30-day costume items (clothes / socks / shoes) will be provided, when
purchasing a special character.

GK changes of clothes
-Goalkeepers' costumes will change.
-Only costumes will be changed, but there will be no change in the goalkeeper
stats in the game.

Update Item
-New 20 Kinds of  Outfits

Candy on my Head(M,F), Candy Crash Apple(M,F), Gremlin Hair(M,F)

Grim Reaper Hat(M,F), Candy on my Body(M,F), Candy on my Feet(M,F)
-These new items can be purchased at the item store.

The Gremlin Package Set (Clothes+ Shoes) 

The Grim Reaper Package Set (Clothes+ Shoes)

-These items can be obtained through capsule
-Capsule contains random items such as points, package set, etc.

Added New Skills, Freestyles, Ceremonies.

New Skills

1) Skill name: Penetrating Dash

Service position: CF
Skill effect: Dash quickly in the attack direction.
How to activate: E+Shift  

2) Skill name: Bergkamp Turn

Service position: SS,AMF
Skill effect: Turn quickly in the opposite direction after receiving with long-touch.
How to activate: Q + ←/→ 

New Freestyles

1) Skill name: Two Touch Volley Shoot

Service position: CF,WF
Skill effect: Perform a two-touch volley shoot instead of a turning shoot.

2) Skill name: Scorpion Kick

Service position: ALL
Skill effect: Jump and shoot in a scorpion position when the ball is in the air.

New Ceremony

1) Skill name: Flying

2) Skill name: Strange Gate 

New Sponsor Items

1) Item Name : Point-Up(60 matches)  

2) Item Name : Point-Up(12 days)

Item Effect : 200% increase points after the game
Item Period : Total 60 games or 12 days
-When the remaining game is 0 game or if the 12 day period expires, you cannot use it anymore.

Point Capsule Item

Item Name: Point Capsule
Item Effect : At least 3000 ~ maximum 100,000 points can be obtained randomly.

Bugs Fixed

-Omit character name such as (...) if the name is too long. 
-Add scheduled reminder for period expiration items.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.
‘No Control, Just Play'
- Team Freestyle Football