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How to use FSF DLC Package

NO.125 | Date: 2017-02-24 05:56:02

Greetings Footballers,

We would like to apologize for the confusion regarding the usage of the
DLC Starter Package after purchase.

Here are the steps on how to purchase and use the DLC packages:

1. Once you have purchased the DLC Package, log-in to the game.

2. Check and receive the package items in the Game Mail Box located
below the chat section.

3. Once you have received the package in your Mailbox under the
Gift Received tab, Click on the package and select which character you
wish to receive the DLC Package

4. Click on “Accept” the package will be marked as “Received”.
5. Go to your Locker and select the Item Locket tab.

6. Open the Package by clicking the [+] button.

7. Once you have opened the package, you will receive the items contained it.
You may able to use it by clicking the [+] button.

Enjoy your DLC Package!

Do not forget to check your item locker once you have received it from
your Mailbox.

Thank you for your unending support!

'No Control, Just Play'
-FreeStyle Football Team